Terms and Conditions

There will be no exceptions to the listed Terms and Conditions. Terms and

conditions may be updated at any time without notice or warning. Please do not

hesitate to ask any questions that you may have. Email Address:


  • All work undertaken is subject to full payment before any work begins. Payment of this project states that you have agreed to these terms and conditions and that you are contracting this/these projects to Marissa Letendre. The payment is not refundable under any circumstances. Refunds will only be sent if you have overpaid or purchased services beyond your needs (refund will only be sent via PayPal. I will not mail checks, money orders, etc. You are more than welcome to discuss the items you plan to purchase with me beforehand to avoid this).
  • It is your responsibility to provide me with your documents in a timely manner. Any documents or information you wish to provide must be delivered to me within seven days of your payment (including weekends). If the documents are not provided to me within seven days, I will have to restart the turnaround time since I would not have time to complete the resume and accompanying documents. In addition, any information you would like added would need to be provided to me within this timeframe. Should you provide any additional information past this date, the turnaround time would restart on these additions only.
  • I can turn down any client/potential client if the service is not feasible or for any other reason at my discretion. The process can be terminated at any time during the process. If I do not believe that I am the right person to assist you, your money will be refunded. I will refund the money if you have already paid and I am not able to help you. If situations change and I am unable to take on new business, your money can be refunded, including any or all parts of a package.
  • I will always send your documents on time unless there is a prior arranged agreement/emergency, in which you will be notified beforehand. If your documents are not in your inbox by 11:59pm (EST) on the due date, please check your spam box. I have never missed a deadline and your documents will be delivered to you on time. Please add my email to your address book and/or revise your spam filter settings to allow attachments.
  • I will not make any changes based on an online resume critique. Websites such as JobFox and The Ladders will provide you with a generic resume critique which is an effort to get you to purchase their resume services. All critiques are 90-95% identical; they only change a few words to make it look like your situation. Please feel free to contact me for additional information regarding this. I am a former Human Resources professional and have been writing resumes professionally for eight years. I am also up-to-date on all resume strategies and principles.
  • If you pay and do not respond to emails, I am not responsible for delays in the process. I will always email you at least twice (once when I receive your payment and at least once more), but you will be responsible for getting the documents to me. The turnaround time will restart if I do not have the information within 7-8 days from the time the process begins.
  • I am not responsible for any actions by your employer under any circumstances, including on job board postings or LinkedIn profiles (if applicable). Also, I am not responsible for the calls that result from job board postings.
  • If you make any changes to your resume or any other documents which I wrote after I have sent it to you, it will no longer be my work. I will not take credit for any resume which has even simple changes. If you need any changes made, I will be more than happy to make minor changes for free or major changes for a fee. The fee for adding one (1) job is $21.00. Additional changes are quoted based on the requirements.
  • You must email me after payment is made to ensure that I have your payment and all of your documents. If you do not email me, I will not be responsible for any delays in the process. I will reply to all emails with documents attached and payment notifications, so if I do not reply, you will know that I have not received it. Also, if your payment is processed in someone else’s name, please email me to confirm that the payment is for your resume.
  • The turnaround time is anywhere from 22-28 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the time I receive all of your documents. You will have an exact day that you will receive your resume as soon as payment is made and all documents are received. The original turnaround time of 22-28 business days is subject to change at any time based on my workload. I will not refund any money based on the turnaround time.
  • All of your information will remain strictly confidential. I write every resume myself; therefore, your resume and information will not cross though anyones hands. I will not sell or transfer your information at any time whatsoever.
  • Minor changes and/or additions will be made for free. I reserve the right to omit any information or data provided that I believe will hurt your job search. If changes are major, the turnaround time may have to be restarted.
  • If you have an email with your cable provider (i.e.: verizon.net, charter.net, comcast.net, cox.net, etc.), you will likely not receive all of my emails (cable providers block many emails). If you are sending emails and not receiving responses, it is due to this. I always respond to emails requiring a response. If you have another email address, I would suggest using that email.
  • I am not responsible for keeping resumes on file. It is important for you to backup your files so you will have a copy. I generally keep resumes on file for two years, but that can change due to unforeseen circumstances and it is not guaranteed.
  • If I am not able to reach you, you may receive a phone call to resolve the issue. The phone call will be from my assistant, but the assistant will not have any personal information except for your name and phone number. I am unable to make any phone calls personally.
  • If you pay for the services and do not provide me with your documents, you will not receive a refund. Payment was made for the service that you were interested in at one time. I will provide you with a gift certificate for that amount that you paid. This certificate can be given to a friend or family member, you can sell it, or you can use it at a later date. If you sold or gave the certificate away, you must inform me of the name of the person who will be using it. The certificate (e-certificate) must be presented when the services are ready to be used. It cannot be copied or reproduced.
  • If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, please inform me as to the program you have and what format you would like me to send the documents in. I am not responsible if you are unable to open the documents. I will work with you to get them in the appropriate format if you are unable to open them…if you cannot open them after the available formats are tried, I will copy and paste them into the email and you can copy and paste it into your word processor. If I have to copy and paste the documents, it will hurt the formatting. All documents will automatically be sent in Microsoft Word unless you specify otherwise before the work starts.
  • Your resume and any additional documents will be sent via email. If you require your resume and/or your accompanying documents to be printed, additional fees will apply (printing services are not available at all times. Please contact me for availability if you require printing).
  • Each resume will be proofread three times, but it is your responsibility to review the resume as well. If you find any errors, I will be more than happy to make the changes for you. I will not be responsible if you submit your resume to employers prior to reviewing it.
  • Referral bonuses will be sent via PayPal only. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you do not have an account, you will be able to create one for free.
  • In order to keep my fees low and give each client the personalized service they deserve, all services that are provided are virtual services. I do not provide phone consultations and will not change this under any circumstances.
  • I (Marissa Letendre) am not liable for anything whatsoever, regardless of what the subject or issue may be. Any tips I give are in good faith. I am not liable for any loss that happens by following my recommendations. I am not a career coach so there are some questions that I cannot answer.
  • I cannot guarantee that you will get a job or interviews with your resume. My clients have seen a drastic difference with their new resume and have been extremely successful. It is your responsibility to apply to jobs within your abilities and represent yourself in any job interviews.