The RBM Difference

When you hire Marissa Letendre, you will receive a service and product that you

can’t get anywhere else. The RBM Approach is designed just for you. Continue reading

to see why RBM is the right choice for you. Check out the testimonials to see the results of

others and get started on the path to your new job today!

  • You will be positioned for the best results in today’s market. I write every resume myself and provide you with the personalized and quality service you deserve. I spend countless hours each month researching resume and job market trends and apply them to my service.
  • The best client support: I respond to emails extremely fast from 11am to 11pm EST (response time can vary, but the typical response will be extremely fast).
  • It’s all about you: Before, during, and after the process, you will have my support. I care about you and your success and I want the best for you. Should you have any questions regardless of when it is, I will be here to help.
  • Don’t let the price fool you. My services are worth more, but it’s not about what I’m worth – it’s about what you deserve. You don’t need to pay hundreds or thousands to receive the best resume. The service will more than pay for itself – a job search costs a lot of money. You receive twice for half the price. Your basic resume package will include your winning resume with a free cover letter, thank you letter, and ASCII (plain text) resume. Your resume will also be sent in Word, PDF, and ASCII formats.
  • Your resume will be fully keyword optimized. It will include all keywords that are relevant to your individual field. I am familiar with the keywords for all industries and naturally integrate the keywords into your resume. Scanning tools (Applicant Tracking Systems) are being used by more and more companies to weed out candidates. Most resumes don’t make it through the ATS because job seekers are not familiar with keywords or the proper keywords.
  • My background allows me to understand all aspects of the job search. I am a professional resume writer and have been for eight years. I am also a Recruiter and was a Human Resources Manager. Before I started writing resumes full time, I also had the painstaking task of searching for a job. I understand Applicant Tracking Systems from the point-of-view of an employer and a resume writer which ensures your resume has the right keywords for your industry.
  • You will receive individualized service to facilitate your job search: RBM is a one-stop-shop for all of your career needs. I keep my fees low and offer a wide-range of services to help you land the job you need and deserve. You can spend less and you’ll get less or you can spend more and still get less. As a perfectionist and resume expert, I over-deliver.
  • You will have your resume written by one of the most referred, trusted, and accomplished resume writers in the industry. I have been recognized throughout the United States for my ability to craft job-winning resumes.
  • I understand that you can’t afford to be out of a job for longer than you need to (or be in a job that you don’t like or that you are honestly too good for, for longer than need be) and I know that you don’t want to hand your dream job to someone else. To impress an employer in today’s highly competitive job market, you must stand out. So that’s exactly what I do. I effectively communicate your core strengths, differences, and achievements.
  • I continually study and test the job market to see exactly how employers are responding at certain points of the year and how quickly responses take.
  • I take the emotion out of the process and focus strictly on your strengths, achievements, and background. Writing your own resume is an extremely emotional and stressful process for anyone. I take that responsibility away from you and position you for results.
  • I know that you deserve an amazing position. I provide the support needed to get you to the next level and help you get the confidence needed to succeed.
  • Your resume is never outsourced. I am located in the United States and all work is performed by me.
  • You won’t have to pay astronomical rates for updates or changes. I only charge $21 for adding one (1) job.
  • If your car breaks down and you don’t know much about automobile mechanics, will you hire an expert or do it yourself? If you are sick, will you consult a physician or diagnose yourself? It doesn’t make sense to spend $50 to fix a $5 problem, but it does make sense to spend $75 to fix a problem that could cost or save thousands and thousands of dollars (if your salary is $40,000, a 60 day job search will cost you $6,600. Can you afford to risk that?).